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Candygrams are pre-made for your camper and delivered during intermission of the show you select. Pre-orders are available for all shows. PLEASE CHECK SHOW DATES AND THE CAST LISTS!


MESSAGES must be short - only 4-5 words - to fit on the tags. If you want to have a longer message, consider a Break a Leg for the program - you can include up to 2 sentence messages in that option!



Use fields below to input the student name, a 4-5 word message & sender name. (ie: Sally Smith - Congrats, we love you! Love, Grandma & Grandpa)



We suggest holding on to your order confirmation so you can check the shows you purchased for. If you check the confirmation & your student didn't recieve a candygram at the show they were supposed to, please email us. We ask that you double check first, a lot of times the confirmation email can answer questions.

Legally Blonde - Candygrams

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