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About Stage Right

​Where Stars Learn to Shine

Learn to shine is more than just a motto for Stage Right Performing Arts - it's an approach to life.  From show choirs to theater camps, performers learn more than just vocal, dancing and acting skills, they learn to become stars in their own lives.  You can shine in a variety of ways and as an organization, we promote a well rounded performance education combined with the a focus on creating good people. Stage Right focuses on building students up through the magic of music and theater.  We also firmly support the "person," not just the show - thus, Stage Right places a high priority on supporting our students in all their productions (not just on the Stage Right stage) and encourage fellow choir/cast members to do the same.  This is the Stage Right Family and we take that very seriously.  After decades of experience in multiple cities around the US we have found that the best, most approachable hearts make the most dedicated, professional and successful performers.

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Our Philosophy

Since 2010, Stage Right has been welcoming student performers from across the entire Kansas City Metro area.  Our Executive Staff has been in the performing arts, both as performers and as teachers, for over 30 years.  Our goal is to foster a love of theater and music in each and every one of our performers – a love for the arts that will sustain and enrich their lives.​

Our passion in music has been working with, and protecting, changing voices.  So many theater groups care only about a big sound with little consideration for how fragile changing voices can be.  Our focus is on the development of the entire performer in a fun, nurturing and vocally safe environment.  We also focus on the emotional growth of a student by creating a supportive environment that allows students to be who they are - a place where they can learn to shine in their own unique way.  Our student performers create lifelong friendships in a place where we  foster and support a true "Stage Right Family." 

Our camps, shows and choirs are merit based.  We are a performing arts organization free of politics - it doesn't matter who you know or how many shows you've done, everyone gets the same opportunity to shine.

Our mission is been simple - to keep quality music and theater in the lives of all our children, all year long.

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