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Stage Right Show Choirs

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During the school year, Stage Right show choirs light up stages around KC and help students learn music, choreography and team work. In a show choir, students work with choreographers with a wide range of styles, learn to harmonize and participate in student leadership opportunities. Choirs meet once per week, so it's a perfect activity for even the busiest students. There's no better way to keep them engaged in the arts during the school year! 


2023-2024 Show Choirs

Public Registration for show choirs is now open for Vocalites (K-3) and Vocalation (4-6), which do not require an audition.


Auditions for 2023-24 will be held July 25 & August 3. Register on the form below to sign-up for an audition. In early July will email specific time slot sign-ups to all students who have signed up for an audition on the form below!

This year - all choirs and audition sign-ups are on the same form. Collecting information in advance will help us quickly assign students to the choir they're assigned to after auditions.

Our Family of Show Choirs

Vocalites (K-3) | Founded 2012

Vocalites was added in 2012 and became the fourth choir to Stage Right family. This group of unbelievably talented young singers (dancers too) rehearse just as hard as the older choirs, despite their single digit ages.

Vocalites learn the basics of dancing, singing, harmonizing and friendship in rehearsals. Vocalites master basic dance skills and vocal techniques in their first years in choir. They are hardworking, driven, talented, cute as can be, and ready to show everyone just what they’ve got.

Premiere Number: “Fireflies” by Owl City at the 2012 Winter Concert

No Audition Required | Space Limited

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Vocalation (4-6) | Founded 2011

Vocalation is Stage Right Performing Arts’ second show choir and is for grades 4-6.  For many of its members, this is their first experience being in a show choir, so learning to work together and be a team is a core part of Vocalation. As with all Stage Right choirs and camps, the staff is protective of growing voices, so students learn to sing safely.

Vocalation choir members learn increased level of dancing, singing, harmonizing and teamwork from Vocalites. This choir starts with two and three part harmony, so it's great for both new performers and experienced elementary school students.

Fun Fact: This choir is known for having an engaged parent group that hosts amazing bonding activities and get togethers throughout the year. 

No Audition Required | Space Limited

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Vocamotion (7-10) | Founded 2015

Vocamotion is the 6th Stage Right show choir, founded in 2015. With an increasing demand for younger choirs, Vocamotion was formed to give middle school and high school performers a chance to develop dance, harmony and leadership skills that will prepare them for Vocappella, Vocalicious and Vocalocity choirs.

Vocamotion builds on the techniques and skills learned in Vocalation and Vocalites and introduces more advanced choreography and harmonies. Students also begin learning to take choir leadership roles.

Fun Fact: The Vocamotion logo combines styles of Vocalocity and Vocalation as this is a transitional choir as students advance from younger groups to our top show choir.

Audition Required | Space Limited

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Vocappella (9-12) | Founded 2014

Vocappella is the 5th Stage Right show choir and consists of mostly juniors and seniors.  This choir does not have choreography, focusing purely on vocal elements of performance. There is no instrumentation backing tracks, all sound is created by the students.

This choir came into being because of student requests for a place where music was the core focus without dancing.

Fun Fact: This choir formed out of a group of Stage Right students who wanted to perform a cappella arrangements under the name "setacappella" 2012 - 2014. Those students included: Justin & Alec Armer, Regina Basse, Alex Symes, Elena Wickstrom & Erin Wilkens.

Audition Required | Space Limited

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Vocalocity (11-12) | Founded 2010

Vocalocity is the 1st Stage Right show choir and continues to be our top show choir.  Vocalocity premiered Stage Right's choir program in January 2011 with a standing room only crowd at the Matt Ross Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas.  

Vocalocity features advanced partner choreography and challenging arrangements of music ranging in all genres and time periods. From "Africa" by Toto to "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts, this group does it all!

Fun Fact: The first "choir president" - PT Mahoney - gave a "state of the choir" address in 2012 and this choir continues to lead the choral program in student leadership.

Audition Required | Space Limited

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Vocalicious (8-12) | Founded 2012

Vocalicious is the 2nd Stage Right show choir, founded in 2012. These divas know how to strut their stuff. This all-female show choir builds confidence and features the most challenging choreography of all the choirs.

The ladies of Vocalicious not only work on challenging music and choreography, but build confidence on stage. Director of Choreography, Emmy, focuses on this choir to help the girls learn to find strength in their body, mind and soul as girls navigate the rough waters of middle and high school. We teach them to support one another, rather than compete.

Fun Fact: The motto for Vocalicious is "Viva La Divas" and SR provides this choir an annual photoshoot to celebrate their strength and beauty as a sisterhood. 

Audition Required | Space Limited

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“Vocalation is awesome. I love all my friends and the songs are really fun to sing. Being in the Stage Right Family is AWESOME!” 


Lucy W.

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