The Shine Award ​

The Shine Award is given to a show choir student in Stage Right Performing Arts each year. This is currently the highest honored award given by the Stage Right Arts Foundation for a single award. It is reserved for a high school senior in our program who exemplifies leadership, dedication and integrity.  The Stage Right Arts Foundation believes in well rounded people, not just performers, and the Shine Award recognizes those who truly shine in our program.  Each recipient also receives a scholarship to help fund their future education and recipients are nominated by fellow choir members.

Shine Award Winners​

2019 - Maggie Mulligan

2018 - Sam Hoffman

2017 - Christian Kennedy

2016 - Tyler Armer

2015 - Anna Redmond

2014 - Alec Armer

2013 - Claire MacLachlan

2012 - Mallory Harrington & PT Mahoney

2011 - Darrington Clark

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awards Night

Each year, Stage Right holds an annual awards night for our show choir and musical theatre camp programs. These awards celebrate not only talent, but student leadership, kindness and hard work. Students are honored with a wide variety of awards. There are two awards nights - one for younger students, one for high school students. 

In the high school "Night at the Tony's" awards, students wear formals and honor their senior class. Underclassmen often do a funny skit impersonating each member of the senior class and one senior is awarded the Shine Award for their leadership, kindness and dedication to music. 

The younger awards night celebrates joy and new friendships. These young awardees get to participate in a Photo Booth, like the older students, and their own awards and medals! It's a fun tradition for everyone!

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